To better preserve your memories
and special moments

In our shop we have a corner dedicated to photography. Print your photos with us and choose which support to print them on. We not only develop and print photos, but also make photo gadgets. We will help you print your most precious memories easily and quickly. These are just some of our services, come to the shop and discover them all!

Development and printing

Bring us your photos to print and we'll take care of the rest! We develop both analogue and digital photos, offer you the fast and convenient service of sending photos via whatsapp, and help you find the most suitable medium for your wishes: photo books, albums, enlargements, wall canvases, photos in polaroid format and in different formats.


In our studio you can have your photocards taken in minutes for all documents: identity cards, passports, residence permits, driving licences. We will choose the best shots together, paying particular attention to your needs.


We can print your photographic memories on all or most surfaces! Puzzles, mugs, magnets, canvas and many other media.

Photo albums

If you need to collect or order your shots of special events such as weddings, communions, confirmations, etc., we can offer you a hand in choosing, cataloguing and composing albums, photo cards, collages, etc.


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Tel: 045 7256239


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